Be Proactive

Cultivate an insurance policy against threats to your online real estate. Get in control of your search results.


Be Reactive

Enable the capability to quickly respond to news and inquiries, both positive and negative, quickly.


Be Covered

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your brand or namesake is safe in the hands of Slate ORM.

Be Far More Than Unprepared

Contact Slate ORM today for a free detailed analysis of search results for your name or brand, and see what you can do to protect against or combat negative search results.

Power of One

Slate ORM is a one-man operation, allowing clients the ability to speak one-on-one whenever needed with the person actually doing the work, not an account manager. This also allows for the most personalized experience possible.

Education of Many

The owner of Slate ORM has been working in the field of reputation management long enough to have a strong grasp of the unpredictability of search engine rankings. Let his experience riding the search waves guide you to safe shores.

Basis of Effectiveness

Slate ORM thrives on the concept of effectiveness over efficiency. What might be fast and easy to accomplish might not be the most lasting option when it comes to a full-scale online reputation management campaign. Let us show you what we mean.