Slate Online Reputation Management began from an idea in 2010. In the years since inception, we have assisted dozens of high-profile clients and businesses. We have also hand-crafted an extensive network of high-quality websites, and built millions of links, greatly assisting our ability to mold search results to our clients’ liking. Nevertheless, we are not the typical reputation management firm. Here is how Slate ORM differs from our competition:

We lack the mindset of corporate greed. Unlike the overwhelming majority of online reputation management firms, we are not looking to spread ourselves too thin by way of constant client base expansion. Performing as a small team, Slate ORM prefers hand-picking a select few clients and work one-on-one to ensure a both personal and private service. This allows the client to be involved in as much or as little of the reputation management operations and decision process as they would like. Our clients are our priority, and quality trumps quantity every time.

We have a well-written content style. You may notice this through our website. All content for Slate ORM’s clients comes at the same level of quality, as the writers here are the writers there. All of our content writing is based in the United States, by writers with college educations and incredibly adept writing capacities on an endless array of topics. We refuse to skimp on quality, and are fully aware of the impact that quality writing has on search engine results. In addition remarkable content, every piece of writing for client-based properties passes through multiple levels of editing. If the content is not worthy of our own web properties, it will not go on yours.

We employ die-hard personalization and possess dynamic capabilities. The vast majority of Slate ORM’s work is performed by one person. He handles all client communications, every facet of outsourcing regarding exterior content writing and link building, and responds to all requests and contacts personally. Being a smaller, more targeted firm, Slate ORM has the capacity to change directions on a project at a moment’s notice. This is not only to meet dynamic client needs, but also to adapt to changes in search engine result behavior. Our services are direct, and we promise to never push you through the hoops of sales representatives and customer service at any point in the process.

We offer complete discretion and privacy. One of the first things you may have noticed about our website is that we lack an extensive portfolio page. The reason for this is that almost all of our clients are individuals searching to remove negative, embarrassing, and potentially harmful search results regarding their brand. Slate ORM offers the privacy, as well as the peace of mind that information will not be leaked regarding your reputation management progression. All outsourced content and link providers provide the same level of discretion. In addition, as all client communication is handled by the company founder, he will be the only person receiving and utilizing your contact information. We never sell client information, and we never share client information. Privacy is our number two goal. Results is number one.

We offer strong transparency of goal-setting. Most reputation management providers shy away from offering an end goal. Transparency is a major issue facing this niche. There are a few firms who make hollow references to “locking up the first 20 results”, which the rest simply wow potential clients with nonsense business words. Slate ORM is upfront, right here, right now. Our goal is to secure as many links as possible on the first four pages of Google search results for your business, your personal brand, or both. We also look to mold clients into authority figures in specified sub-niches. There is no beating around the bush. This is what we do, and this is what we aim for.

We offer highly competitive fees based on quality. We recently contacted a much larger reputation management firm offering similar structural options. When requesting a quote, the figure was five times higher than our charges would have been for identical services. Why is this? Their response was simply “We’ve got overhead, offices, advertising, employees, contractors. It adds up.” Slate ORM offers intense competitive pricing as a result of zero overhead, a 100% online presence, no advertising, a minimal number of employees, and zero contractors on payroll. Simplicity is the key to proper competitiveness against titans in a landscape shaped by big brands.

To conclude, our future clients need to be fully aware that we are not looking to be the largest reputation management firm in the world. Our founder is not searching for a ten figure net worth. We are not looking to grow until we can sell. The end goal is simple: to make a mark and help people in the process. We are passionate about out work, constantly learning more over time and through our clientele, and forming bonds and relationships in the industry. Slate ORM is fully aware that a lack of a solid portfolio affects our ability to branch out rapidly. That’s not in our master plan. We simply want to be the best and most meticulous in the industry, and to offer our services to those who want a better approach than a reputation mill.

We also strongly believe that everyone with the capability to perform online reputation management for themselves need to take the opportunity to do so. It is for this reason that we offer information, guides, articles, and resources to get started. Insurance against negative search results does not need to be difficult. For more information, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email through the contact page.