Avoid a Reputation Online Equivalent to the One of a Real Life Jerk

Avoid a Reputation Online Equivalent to the One of a Real Life Jerk

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One even may support or complement the other, as is the clear case of companies developing websites to support their off- line activities and selling efforts, in hopes of reaching broader markets, opening new ones and intensifying their commercial image in whole.

And image is what this is all about. Taking good care of your reputation online will guarantee your website’s success. A powerful image will enhance link building efforts, attract loyal customers and win you top positions on search engine results.

We give you here a list of facts that will assure you a pristine reputation online, or at least, get you out of the jerk list:

– Be honest about your weak points. Recognise the deficiencies in your products, services and team members. Maybe you are not responsible for solving these issues, but being sincere and open about them will take you a long way when in need of standing firm to defend the company or your work.

Never, ever, hide when confronted with unsatisfied clients, bloggers or partners; instead, move one step forward and respond in an intelligent way; apologise if necessary and take any needed measures to ensure the issue is handled fast and without additional pain.

– Accept that everything leaks out. When talking about the internet, there are no secrets. Assume everything you write, say, comment, tape or even think will be posted online, so make sure you reveal clearly and comprehensively what can be communicated massively and this, basically, should be everything related to the business. If you do not have anything to hide, you do not have anything to fear.

– Project a professional appearance. Guarantee your website is the image of success in terms of design and content. Clients, investors, employees, journalists and partners will rate your professionalism based on your website. Think ahead and give them material to confirm your reputation; post every bit of information they could possibly request or desire and even what they will research by other means, like recommendations, reviews, videos and published news.

– Establish intelligent and enriching tools. There is nothing better to maximise your image online than to be open and share with your customers through a blog or forum. Join one or create one of your own, but make sure its tone is the right one. Whomever is in contact with your clients through this means should outweigh their responses carefully to maintain a professional image. A good idea is to designate a group of people to respond.

– Social networks can be a double- edged sword. You should be very attentive and choose the appropriate one to reach your market and share experiences with them. Center your choice in common points of interest and enriching influences. You can even create your company’s social network and efficiently focus your communication efforts.

– Develop a respectful relationship with bloggers. They can significantly affect, positively or negatively, your reputation with their comments and opinions.

– Live up to Google. This search engine bases its results on high standards and everyone knows it and blindly trusts it, so make sure your content is worthy of appearing there.

– Confirm your reputation daily. It is easy through well- known websites and it ensures you react timely to any eventuality.

An integral company is open, honest and coherent. Its principles go hand in hand with its actions. Its main goal is client satisfaction with a passion to serve in the right way, sharing experiences and realities and maintaining a top level of quality and service. It talks the talk and walks the walk.

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