ORM For Individuals

Slate ORM’s online reputation management solutions are a beacon of uniqueness in the industry. We have never left a client of ours in a state of disrepair, and we strive to maintain the highest levels of integrity, privacy, and satisfaction in every cog of our smooth-running machine. For individuals searching for an online reputation management solution, we offer an all-encompassing proactive or reactive process to ensure that your personal brand will be fully self-controlled.

We start by performing a complete search engine optimization analysis to determine which links are controllable, which links are neutral, and which links need to be suppressed. Our next step is to work our methods of negative, neutral, and unrelated result suppression until all options have been exhausted. We use the latest SEO and reputation management technology and years of search engine marketing and web management experience to get you the best possible return on your client investment.

Are you searching for a job, or applying for postsecondary education opportunities? Are you attempting to sell a personal product? How about something as simple as meeting with a client or looking for a date? It is worth noting that someone, somewhere, is going to look up your name online to find out more. What are they going to find? Isn’t it worth the expense to be in control of your online presence? Slate ORM has assisted attorneys, small business owners, doctors, investors, realtors, accountants, psychologists, consultants, advisors, freelancers, students, and many more walks of life through our client services.

If you have found yourself the victim of slander or defamation on the internet, you are fully aware of the damage that can be caused by an attacker hiding anonymously behind words. Their actions can and will leave a stain on your online reputation for an extended period of time. We have had clients come to us in a period of major distress regarding something written about them that shot to the top of search results for their name. “This is damaging my personal and my professional life.” This kind of attack can even occur if you have a highly respectable reputation management setup. We exist to be a reactive solution to negative results, and this is how our business was first dreamt. You can fight back, and we can lay the groundwork to ensure that these negative results disappear, and that future issues stay under the radar.

Slate Online Reputation Management can assist you in developing a positive online identity. We remove and suppress negative search results. We also build and optimize positive content to protect personal privacy. We fight online libel, slander, and defamation issues, and remove or bury online complaints from sites such as Ripoff Report and Complaints Board. We create a strong line of defense against smear campaigns brought on by enemies and competitors. We also use SEO tactics and crowdsourced search manipulation to influence autocomplete suggestions.

We are comprised of a very small team of highly experienced professionals in a vast array of online fields. We customize an affordable and airtight strategic online reputation management platform designed to quickly decimate damaging content and push controllable content to the top of the rankings. Our services promote a strongly positive online image for anyone searching your name online. We offer complete discretion with our services as well, the concept of which is outlined on the homepage in the Why Slate ORM section.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services for individuals, please contact us today!