How to Remove Photos from Facebook

How to Remove Photos from Facebook

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Facebook has evolved into a mania nowadays. Users above the age of thirteen create personal profiles and interact with users all over the world. When you first opened your Facebook account, you thought it was just a game, a way to connect with friends and family. So, you started posting photos, creating albums and enjoyed reading your friends’ comments. Nevertheless, as Facebook boosted its popularity, it became one of the best ways for employees, associates, recruits and others on your social environment to sneak into your personal life. And now it is high time to remove some Facebook photos that should not be there to help you manage your online reputation. Here is the easy way to do it.

  1. Self Posted Photos

– Log into your personal account using your username and password. Click on the profile photo or photo album where the picture you wish to remove is. Find the picture and click on it to open.

– Just under the picture and on the right, you will find various options such as share, tag, edit and delete this photo. Click on ‘Delete’, confirm your choice and the photo will be instantly removed.

  1. Photos Posted by Others

– When someone posts a picture of you on Facebook, you get a notification that you have been tagged. Follow the link and click on the ‘Remove Tag’ option just under the picture. This will ‘kill’ the link associated to your profile making the photo invisible to your contacts.

– Of course, this does not actually remove the picture from Facebook. Since you cannot delete the photo directly, you can email the person that uploaded the picture and request its removal. However, you need to be careful with your approach tactic. Be polite and explain the reasons that make you feel uncomfortable with this upload. Do not hesitate to be specific. Since that person is not just your virtual friend, he/she will respect your decision and remove it in no time.

– However, if the problem insists, you can flag the photo asking directly from Facebook to be removed. But, keep in mind that Facebook can only delete photos that violate the site’s Term of Use.

Facebook is a wonderful and free way to connect with friends and family all over the world. Uploading photos is the easiest way to let others know how you are moving on with your life. Just make sure the photos you post do not harm your social networking profile. And if you made a mistake just by thinking it would be funny to share that picture of you drunk and smokey from last night party, you still can make it disappear. Just follow the above steps and problem solved!


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