How to Remove Photos of Yourself from Facebook

How to Remove Photos of Yourself from Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking Web sites available on the Internet today. The site not only allows users to post messages and photos to friends, but it also allows users to comment on photos of themselves and of friends.

Because Facebook is a network of friends and associates, anyone can post photos of anyone else and make those photos publicly available. In many cases, Facebook users will be respectful of their friends by not posting embarrassing photos or photos that could potentially be incriminating.

However, what happens if a photo of you appears on Facebook and you would like to have it removed? There are two options:

Remove It Yourself

You may be able to remove the photo yourself as long as your name and a hyperlink to your profile appear along with the photo. Underneath every photo that has your name on it, there will be a line that states “In this photo.” Following this line, there will be the name and link to each person that is hyperlinked in the photo.

Once you open a photo that you would like to remove, simply click on the “remove tag” option that appears next to your name. After you remove the tag, the photo will remove online in your friend’s photo album, but your name will not appear with the tag. Therefore, when people view your photos, this particular photo will not come up.

Keep in mind, however, that because the photo was not removed, it will stay in the photo album until the photo is removed by the photo album owner. Therefore, if your image appears in any other photos in the photo album, it is possible that people will still be able to find the photo of you.

Ask Your Friend to Remove It

If a photo of you appears on Facebook and you would like to have it removed, you can ask the poster to remove it. This is the best option if you want to ensure not only that a photo of you will not be tagged, but also that the photo will not appear on Facebook at all.

Once a photo is removed from a photo album, it is removed from Facebook. Therefore, users will not be able to find the photo at all.

It might be difficult to use the right tactics to ask your friend to remove it. It is generally okay to simply tell your friend that you have business associates that may be viewing your profile and you don’t want your business associates to view some photos of you. In many cases, this tactic is a way to avoid insulting your friend while ensuring that they remove your photo from Facebook.

Again, Facebook is a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends and associates online. Sharing photos on Facebook is easy and makes it possible to keep everyone informed about what you are up to.

A generally protocol with Facebook is to remember to post only photos that you would be proud to share and that you think your friends would be proud to share as well! After all, you never know who might view your Facebook photo albums.


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