Clean Up Your Online Reputation

Seven Ways to Clean Up Your Online Reputation

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If you are one of those who have been maligned online and wanting to clean up your online image, there are several ways you can do. I have listed here some ways you can start doing to go on your way. Here are the following:

Start a blog.

This is an easy way to start. Anybody can have a blog. It is free and if you have a penchant for writing in the most minimum way, a blog is a way to practice. You may write in your own style. There is no teacher to correct you. You can write in a variety of topics that interest you.

Check out Blogger and WordPress. From experience, these two blog sites have good Google rankings. I started a blog with WordPress, minutes after publishing it is already in the Google ranking. Though the speed of ranking in Google is not always guaranteed, eventually your blog will show up in one way or another. Allow Google to crawl which they do constantly. Once your site is crawled on, Google will index it that will allow for your site to be included in the Google ranking. This may take time, but in my experience there is no hard and fast rule on this one.

Use tags that will help you in your ranking.

Tags are always asked after you write an article in your blog. For, it can be found at bottom of your edit page where it says ‘label.’ For, find the word ‘tags’ after writing your entry. Make sure to add your name to the tags if you want this article to show up when Googling your name. This will help in putting more URLs in your Google ranking when you Google your name. This will also assist in lowering other sites you do not want.

Comment on sites that have high Google ranking.

I commented once in a form of a question on an athletic site, whenever I Google my name, it appears. So I started commenting on many sites just to experiment which ones would rank high in Google. I found out that Huffingtonpost comments go straight to the first page of Google ranking. Just make sure you use your full name to be indexed by Google when it crawls.

Use your name on as many articles as possible.

If you are trying to lower some malicious sites which have your name, you need to bombard it with many blogs or articles that will show your name. If Google crawls and it finds your name, Google will batch them together. This will end up in your Google ranking eventually.

Join writing sites that have high Google ranking.

Joining writing sites will not only pay you, it will also help you in your agenda. Write articles that will help you barrage your Google ranking with pieces of writing.

I found that Associated Content has a high ranking in Google. Anything that I write from this site, immediately ranks in Google on the first page. Inserting your name in any of these articles will also aid in your mission to put more good stuff under your name.

Join social networking sites.

This is the easiest way of cleaning up your search engine reputation. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are social networking sites that are always on the first page of Google ranking. Register and rest will be done by the Googlebot.

Link your articles with your other articles.

I have yet to discover the power of linking pages.

But so far, I have one ‘dead blog’ that I used for linking my three old articles. The ‘dead’ site ended up on the first page of Google ranking. My theory is that it has something to do with the links. So I started adding a link of an old article to my new blog, just to verify this theory, but I have yet to see the result. It is worth a try.

These are just a few, but there are several other ways that I have yet to discover. These will just help jumpstart your way. As you go along, you will discover other methods as I did. I am still discovering and it is very exciting. Good luck!

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